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What makes a performance stand out for you?

A memorable performance is one with dancers who exude a genuine enjoyment while they are on stage.  Smiles aren’t forced or choreographed. A 100% commitment to the choreography they have been given is also demonstrated by the dancers.  

What takes a group performance to the next level for you?

A group performance whose energy leaps off the stage from the beginning to end of the dance always gets me excited.  If the dancers are completely invested then as an audience member or adjudicator I am equally invested and rooting for your performance. I want to be up on that stage with you! 

What qualities do you specifically look for in performances

Here is a list of some of the qualities I look for: Genuine smiles and facial expressions, strong, age appropriate, and well-executed choreography, technique that shows off what you CAN do well, not what you are still working on. Pirouettes that are executed well from preparation to landing….Seamless transitions through formations and from floor to standing choreography.

Is there any special tips you would give to first time contestants?

Enjoy yourself out there! If you are having fun so will the audience. Be sure to keep hydrated and listen to your music on a device prior to hitting the stage to get you “in the zone.” Give your self enough time to warm-up your body to prevent any injuries.  Sometimes nerves and adrenaline makes us think we are warmer than we think.

What are you looking for specifically in duo/trio/group routines?

A strong duet/trio routine contains several formation changes and uses the ENTIRE stage.Be sure that your body lines, port de bras positions, are clean and accurate. I am looking to see that your routine demonstrates a connection between the dancers, not 2 or 3 solos happening simultaneously. 

What should every dancer be thinking or remember every time their performing?

Every dancer needs to be completely invested in their performance at that moment. Group dancers need to be mindful that everyone is important to the success of that group whether you are in the front or the back row.  On stage, dancers must commit to every count of choreography mind, body, and soul. In doing so you can never be disappointed with your performance. Your love of dance should ooze out to the people watching.  From the moment you take the stage project that love all the way to the back row of the theatre. Adjudicators can tell when a dancer is just doing choreography versus dancing and completely embodying the choreography. Always be present in your performance. 

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