Shawn Bracke












What makes a performance stand out for you?

A distinct connection with the audience/confidence with your performance.

What takes a group performance to the next level for you?

A full awareness of each other on stage and working together as a team.

What qualities do you specifically look for in performances?

Attention to detail in articulation through ported bras (technical dance styles) and overall completion of movements/using full levels in movement; “giving it your all”.

Are there any special tips you would give to first time contestants?

HAVE FUN, be confident in your dance and make a strong connection with the audience.

What are you looking for in duo/trio/group routines?

A complete awareness of each other, always having a connection within the duo/trio – working on the same page even if completely different as dancers.

What should every dancer be thinking or remember every time they’re performing?

That is is a performance, to always perform out to the audience and have fun! 

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