Jamee Valin












What makes a performance stand out for you?

I like to see dancers who are committed and believable. A truthful, honest and technically clean performance stands to me. 

What takes a group performance to the next level for you?

Well matched expression and lines. Plus dancers who look at each other and engage with the group when the choreography allows. 

What qualities do you specifically look for in performances?

Technicality is important to me. I want to see proper execution of movement – it creates long lasting careers with less chance of injury as well as focuses the eye so there are no distractions. If you perform technically we can focus on your story and reasons for being on the stage 10 times more!  

Is there any special tips you would give to first time contestants?

Those butterflies in your tummy are loaded with happy, positive energy waiting to fly out of you! 

What are you looking for specifically in duo/trio/group routines?

I like to see that the group needs each other. I want to believe there would be no dance if even one person was missing. Everyone’s role is equally important. 

What should every dancer be thinking or remember every time their performing?

By the time you are performing a dance, the steps should be the last thing on your mind, your body knows what to do – now your spirit matters. Tell us what you think and feel, what is your purpose. 

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