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What takes a group performance to the next level for you?

A group is a group when it dances as one. When you don’t notice individuals and collectively the group has created beauty and precision, this is truly a group.

What makes a performance stand out for you?

Artistry. When there is motivation behind movements and it makes me feel. It could be happy, sad, empowered, hopeful, any emotion really. When that artist draws me into their world that is what performing is about.

What qualities do you specifically look for in performances?

I am a huge believer in technique but also a believer in dance. I am looking for passion and love. I want to see dancers enjoying their piece and sharing that with us. There are lots of technicians that some times forget what it means to dance. I am looking for excellent technique but artistry, motivation behind movements, commitment to the piece, and love of dance is what makes it magical.

What tips would you give to first time contestants?

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy that feeling of performing and sharing something you have worked so hard on. The most important thing is that you tried your best and you enjoyed yourself on stage. Remember art is subjective and one person’s opinion may be so different from another persons. Don’t worry about being nervous, most people who have been on stage a million times still get those butterflies. Believe in yourself and enjoy it.

What are you looking for in duo/trio/group routines?

Team work. I need to see a connection between the dancers and a commitment to each other and the piece. I want the larger groups to dance as one unified entity.

What should every dancer be thinking or remember every time they’re performing?

Sharing your passion with the audience. There is no greater gift to an audience than to make them feel something. Remember everyone in the audience wants to be entertained so they are all rooting for your to give your best performance, everyone is on your side. So relax and show them why you love being on stage.

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