Mentor Award (Mission)

We are proud to announce our Mentor of the year from Mission is Seina Singleton from Langley Dance Academy.  She was an obvious mentor the kids at her studio as well as students from other studios. Keep smiling Seina!

Here’s the hot gossip…

Q: How long have you been teaching dance?
A:I have been teaching dance for 10 years.

Q: How long at Langley Dance Academy?
A: All 10 years have been with Langley Dance Academy.

Q: What style(s) of dance do you teach?
A: I currently teach jazz and lyrical.  Over the years I have taught hip hop and ballet in addition to jazz and lyrical.

Q: Who is your mentor/inspiration?
A: It is impossible to narrow it down to just one!  I have been extremely lucky to have had numerous amazing teachers in my life; through my dance training and my education.  I honestly try to identify my favourite aspects of their teaching styles and personalities and bring as much of that to my students as possible.

Q: What do you love most about teaching?
A: I love being a part of my dancers’ lives.  The most incredible thing is watching my students grow up and helping them through some of the most challenging and exciting years of their lives.  It is beyond words how amazing it is to be one of the people your dancers look up to, ask advice, share accomplishments, and create memories with.  It is a responsibility I do not take lightly and am honoured to have.

Q: What is your favourite dance move?
A: There are so many – but I would have to say a switch split!  It’s so tough – it takes strength, flexibility, and coordination but when your kids finally get it, it’s amazing!

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