Why add Shine to your studio calendar?

We want you to remember your Shine Dance Festival experience as truly extraordinary. We are here for you from the first step of the registration process to the end of the event and beyond. We are happy to answer any, and as many, questions as you have.  We believe that strong relationships with participants help us understand the needs of dancers, teachers and studios and allow us to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is part of a special community.  To experience SHINE for yourself, join us at one of our upcoming events.

Convention FAQ’s

Do I need to stay with my dancer(s)?

You will not need to stay with your dancers. We will have Shine Crew onsite to assist dancers with whatever they may need.

Do parents have to pay to watch?

Parents do not have to pay to watch, BUT parents will only be permitted to watch the last 10 minutes of each dancer class with the exception of the Audition Experience which is closed to observers. Teachers may watch or participate in any of the dancer classes except the Audition Experience. We DO encourage parents to participate in our Parent Sessions specially crafted just for PARENTS (see more below)

What are the Parent Sessions?

We are offering Parents Sessions for parents who want to learn more about dance life & the dance world! For $25 you will be granted access to all Parent Sessions throughout the weekend. Parent Sessions include:  Ask An Adjudicator w/ Jay T Schramek, The Dance Family w/ Lauren Ritchie and More than Just Dancing w/ Tamara Thompson Levi . The sessions will each run for 45 min – 1 hour while your dancers are in class. You will still have time to observe the last 10 minutes of your dancers’ class if you choose to participate in a Parent Session.

Those who participated in the Parent Sessions walked away feeling more connected, like they had a better understanding of the dance world their kids are living in, and they are not in it alone. Parents from different studios shared ideas about running a PAC & fund-raising so they could spend more time with their kids at events and earn money to help with expenses. 

Do I have to pre-register for Parent Sessions?

While we will be accepting registrations on site at the start of each Parent Session, we highly recommend pre-registering to secure your spot!

How many people can we accommodate at the parent sessions?

Space is limited however can accommodate up to 40 parents.

Are there dressing rooms available?

While there aren’t set dressing rooms, the venue washrooms are available if you must change between classes. There is also the option to return to your hotel room if you’re staying in the hotel. Dancers should wear clothes that can be worn across multiple classes. Ex. Leggings with a body suit with a shirt to put over for street classes. Ultimately, we want dancers to feel as confident as possible so we encourage them to wear whatever makes them feel their best!

What should I wear to class?

Dancers should wear clothes that can be worn across multiple classes. Ex. Leggings with a body suit with a shirt to put over for street classes. Ultimately, we want dancers to feel as confident as possible so we encourage them to wear whatever makes them feel their best!!

How many dancers are in each class?

We are committed to keeping class sizes small so dancers can safely dance full out and experience a more intimate connection with our faculty. Juniors have a maximum of 70 dancers and our Intermediate and Advanced classes have a maximum of 150.

Will lunch be available?

We are looking into on site options and will get that information out to you as soon as we have it confirmed. There are many great cafes around each venue that will have great options for lunch. Each lunch break will be 40 minutes so there will be plenty of time to get refueled.

Choosing an evening activity – what are my options?

We have two great evening activities planned and included in the cost of your registration! One is the Pajamarama Dance Party where we will be hosting the ultimate studio ‘dance’ party, with a whole bunch of studios!  Join the Shine Crew for great music, games, and dancing.

The second option is the  Dancers on Camera Workshop (age 13+) where dancers will learn to slate, on camera performance techniques, terminology and the skills you need to audition and work in front of the camera. This workshop is not based on ability but rather curiosity. We recommend this option for those students who are curious to learn more about being in front of camera! The evening finishes up with a meditation session for the dancers to relax before the end of the night.

Dancers will have plenty time between the Faculty Q&A and the evening activity to head off site for dinner if they so choose. 


Is it a festival or a competition?

Both! We provide the challenge and rewards of competition and the community atmosphere of a festival so you get the best of each.

Can I order photos and videos of dancers’ performances?

Professional photographers and videographers are onsite capturing professional digital images and video of every performance. Visit DRC Video to order.

Why do you charge a registration fee?

While most competitions collect admission at the door, we would rather have parents focus on helping their dancers prepare and finding great seats without the line-up. The registration fee offsets the cost of admission so you can come and go without the hassle and bring all your friends and family members too.

When should I arrive & what do I bring?

See the Shine Handbook for details- we have one for Dancers & Parents and one for Teachers.

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