Results are posted online following each awards presentation.
We post updates on High Scores and TOP 10 Dancers as they change throughout the event so dancers know if they are being recognized and can plan to attend our final awards presentation.  We ask all studios to send one authorized representative to the final awards presentation to collect any remaining awards.

Your Adjudications on DVD!

How can you make sure you remember and apply the invaluable feedback from your adjudicators? With a DVD recording of your adjudication from Video Judge!

At Shine, each adjudication and breakdowns is professionally recorded and available on DVD following the competition. 

Just log in to Dance Bug and use the key insights from your adjudicators to help you Shine!

2018 Dancer of the Year

Bec Gombar

Our Dancer Of The Year is selected as someone who represents Shine Dance Festival's core values of commitment to personal and technical development and community. This dancer is chosen and awarded at the annual Emerging Artists Intensive each year and receives a $500 scholarship along with the title 'Dancer of The Year'.

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Mentor Award

We at Shine are pleased to provide teachers with opportunities for professional development so they can stay current and be part of elevating the standards of dance in BC through our Mentor Awards. Each mentor is selected by the Shine Crew and director as examples of professionalism, dedication to their craft and contributors to their community. Each recipient receives a scholarship to the Dance Teacher reTREAT in Vancouver.

Jennifer Sontowski

Port Moody School of Dance

Jennifer is a coach, mentor, guide, motivator, technician, artist, music editor, costume designer, prop maker, and a business owner, boss, administrator, bookkeeper, scheduler and volunteer. She fulfills all of these roles and does so with humility, humour, and grace. In the words of her staff “She's the most positive kind and caring person that goes extra lengths for anyone”.

Sarah Sturrus- Wood

Capella Dance Academy

Sarah brings positive energy wherever she goes, is full of spunk yet so calm under pressure. She is a dedicated mentor, coach and boss who has everything under control and somehow makes it all look so easy. She is successful at doing all of this while keeping it real. As dance teachers our job is not just creating good dancers it’s about people and, through dance, setting people up for success in life, no matter the path they choose and this is why Sarah is our Mentor Award recipient.

Shawna Sloan

Interim Director of Turning Pointe Dance Studio 2018

She understands the fine art that is coaching - that perfect balance of guide, motivator, critic and friend. She understands that preparing a dancer emotionally & and psychologically is a critical part of making competition a positive and rewarding experience and can be found MOST of the time with her dancers int he rehearsal hall or backstage in a pep talk or focus session. She is always taking every opportunity available to continue her own learning and development as a dancer, educator and human so that she can always bring the most current content and inspiring opportunities to her dancers.

Sam Crossley

Reflections Dance Studio

In the words of the Shine crew she is: “politely inquisitive, and a beautiful energy to run into the hall, TL or back stage”. “She carries herself with a calm and focused ease that makes any interaction a true pleasure”.  “SO Organized” Her favourite thing about teachings is "being able to spend time and get to know all the amazing students that pass through my classes".

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