An extraordinarily eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer. Stewart is greatly respected for his dance contribution to the lower mainland. His dance style is the ultimate fusion of urban movement consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack swing, tutting, isolation and videodance. As a natural entertainer Stuey Tellar keeps his audiences mesmerized and inspires other local talent with fresh new innovative movement. He started as a B-boy in the mid 90’s,then began to take interest in hiphop choreography. Credits include, “the Roots”, “Mos Def”, “Black eyed Peas”, “Michael Buble”, “Dogg Pound” ,Dj Tiesto, Aasics running shoes, Naughty by nature and “SYTYCD” Canada. Stewarts class’s are very high energy, fun and creates a comfortable setting for all levels to learn the latest of urban movement.

Today Stewart is part of three different dance crews :

Crew #1 “Floorstorm” a breakdance crew started back in 1997 and still representing in todays b-boy battles

Crew # 2 ” OverTheInfluence” a dance crew specializing in all urban movement. From year 2001  till  2010 they have been the forefront of educating hiphop movement in the Vancouver scene.Today each member dispersed throughout the world sharing and expanding there knowledge of movement.

Crew # 3 “The Faculty”, a dance crew based out of Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2010, this group of dancer/choreographers boasts an impressive dance resume that includes performing credits at the 2010 Winter Olympics, The Grey Cup, and Cirque De Soleil not to mention teaching credits at studios in San Diego, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, China, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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