2016 Teacher of The Year

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Teacher of The Year
Debbie Calicetto- CanDance Studio, Mission

Debbie Calicetto

Debbie Calicetto, our 2016 teacher of the year, is a shining example of utilizing this medium – dance- and with it enriching the lives of the people around her with hope, connection and confidence. She volunteers at the Cyrus centre with youth at risk, provides free classes to those with lesser means, she advocates for youth in her community and in the time I’ve known her, is always the first to lend a hand wherever and whenever it may be needed.

Those of you who know Debbie and her studio, CanDance, have had the great fortune this year of witnessing a tipping point for her and her students. All dance schools have their waves, great years, hard years, years filled with successes and achievements. This was a year where Debbie’s years of care and hard work, nurturing of each individual dancer technically and personally, investing trust in her faculty, and staying committed to her values came through in her dancers performances on stage and in their achievements.

Debbie, this is an accomplishment to be very proud of and in hopes of keeping this momentum you have created I felt you were most deserving of the Dance Teacher Summit Scholarship and I look forward to hearing all about your experience there. Congratulations Debbie!’

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