Registration Guidelines

Age & Level


  • We use the dancers age as of January 1st of the competition year.


To provide the most fair competition experience our levels group dancers based on comparable skill level. We rely on teachers’ honesty and integrity when entering dancer levels to promote a fair and empowering competition experience for ALL dancers.

Level Skill Level

Designed to give young dancers a positive introduction to the competition experience, this level is for dancers age 8 and under in their first year of competition. Rising Star routines will be scheduled in one special category with its very own special awards presentation. No Cash Awards. MAXIMUM 2 entries/ dancer. 


For dancers who train less than 6 hours/ week and are in their 1st or 2nd year of competition. No Cash Awards. MAXIMUM 4 entries/ dancer.


For dancers who have 2+ years of performance and/ or competition experience.


For dancers age 13+ who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Train/ In Studio 10+ hrs/ week
  • Are part of a select elite level competitive team
  • Are enrolled in a half day dance training program
  • Train with a professional company
  • Receive monetary compensation for performance, instruction or choreography

For non-professional adult performers and teachers age 19+.

  • Dancers entered in the wrong category by age, level or discipline will not be eligible for awards.
  • If 50% or more of the individual dancers in a group are in a higher level than the average, the group MUST be bumped up.
  • Entries with teachers MUST be entered in ELITE (if under 19) or JUST FOR FUN (if 19+).
  • Adjudicators reserve the right to adjust the level of any entry that appears to be in the wrong level. The competition director will notify the studio of this decision.
  • Bumping up or down one level is permitted for entries on approval by the competition director (ie: if a dancer is at a significant disadvantage in a specific category). Please submit requests by email to: [email protected]
  • ELITE DUO/ TRIOS and GROUPSWe will have elite duo/ trio and group categories wherever there are enough entries to do so.
  • A solo, duo/ trio, or group of the same dancers is eligible for one High Score award in one level only (based on the highest scoring routine).
  • Soloists must enter in the COMPETITIVE or ELITE level to be eligible for TOP 10 DANCER and DANCER OF THE YEAR. 
  • Dancers in Rising Star and Novice Levels are not eligible for high score cash awards.
  • Dancers who receive platinum medals for 2 or more solos in the same year  MUST be bumped up a level for the following year. Discretion will be used to award platinum.

Still unsure? Call us anytime @ 604-722-8987.

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