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New & Improved for 2019

Promoting a fair and organized event where dancers have the chance to learn and to SHINE is at the heart of our competitions. We are dedicated to understanding your needs & always consider your feedback when making changes to our policies, guidelines and services. We believe in a fair and transparent approach and are committed to hosting inspiring events that bring out the best in everyone.

What’s new in 2019?

SOLO ENTRIES Beginning in 2019, dancers who wish to enter a solo routine MUST be entered in a group.

NEW Time Limits:
Solos – 2:45
Duo/ Trios – 3:00
Small Groups – 4:00
Large + XLarge Groups  – 5:00
Additional time is available for a fee: 15 seconds free OR $5/ dancer per minute

A $50 fine will be applied for entries that go over the time limits without letting us know before the event.  SEE Categories & Time Limits

Acro Trick Limit A maximum of 3 Acro tricks per routine will be permitted outside the Acro and Open categories. This includes any movement where the hips are over the head and feet are off the floor. Rolls on the floor are not considered tricks. A tumbling pass is considered one trick.  A $50 fine will be imposed for routines exceeding the 3 trick limit outside of the ACRO and OPEN categories.  IF a routine is NOT acro and exceeds the limit it may be placed in the open category which is a catch all for routines that don’t fit elsewhere. Learn More

LEVELS We’ve made some small changes to our Rising Star and Pre-Competitive levels.
Our levels are now Rising Star, Novice, Competitive and Elite:

RISING STAR * Designed to give young dancers a positive introduction to the competition experience, this level is for dancers age 8 and under in their first year of competition. Rising Star routines will be scheduled in one special category with its very own special awards presentation. Rising Star dancers may be entered in a MAXIMUM of 2 routines.

NOVICE * For dancers who train less than 6 hours/ week and are in their 1st or 2nd year of competition. Novice dancers may be entered in a MAXIMUM of 4 routines.

ELITE DUO/ TRIOS and GROUPS * We will have elite duo/ trio and group categories wherever there are enough entries to do so.

SEE Age & Levels for more…

PRODUCTION NIGHT –  We are hoping to hold a production night at ONE of our events each year where all productions can come out, get the time and stage size and audience they deserve.  If you are planning to do a production in 2019 let us know!

NO more CDs!  Beginning in 2019 all music must be uploaded through our online registration system and backups will also need to be provided in digital format.

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