Results are posted online following each awards presentation.
We post updates on High Scores and TOP 10 Dancers as they change throughout the event so dancers know if they are being recognized and can plan to attend our final awards presentation.  We ask all studios to send one authorized representative to the final awards presentation to collect any remaining awards.

DVD adjudications & score breakdowns are available through your studio account following the competition.

Mentor Award (North Vancouver)

Talia Belzil and Sonja Jensen

Essence of Dance

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Mentor Award (Mission)

Seina Singleton

Langley Dance Academy

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Mentor Award (Okanagan)

Julie Teindl

Turning Pointe Performance Company

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2017 Dancer of the Year

Our Dancer Of The Year will be chosen and awarded at the annual TOP 10/ Emerging Artists Intensive in the fall. Stay tuned...

Competition Results

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