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We offer an open category for routines of any dance style or combination of styles. It may be also used for dancers who have more than one routine in the same category.

Classical Ballet

A routine based strictly on classical ballet steps and technique.

Character Ballet

A demi-character or character routine comprised of ballet steps and technique that portrays a theme, character or story line.


A routine danced wholly or partially on pointe. Please specify Classical Ballet, Character Ballet, Contemporary or Variation.


A routine that fuses genres, techniques and explores new movement veering away from classical technique.


A routine based on historical modern techniques including, but not limited to, Graham, Horton, and Limon.


A routine that is based on ballet & jazz technique and displays a sense of control, balance and fluid movement.


A routine comprised of at least 50% acrobatics.


A routine consisting of at least 85% jazz technique.


The routine must consist of 85% tap technique. No prerecorded tap sounds permitted.


This routine involves a theme, character or story line and lip synching is permitted.

Song & Dance

A combination of dance, vocals and drama. Pre-recorded singing of melody and lip-synching are not permitted.


A routine that contains no more than 10% jazz technique and is a reflection of current Hip Hop trends including Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, House and other related genres.


A routine representing a culture or nationality.

Special Categories

Our special categories give everyone the chance to Shine. Entries in each special categories will be grouped together regardless of age, discipline or level. A trophy for the highest placing routine in each special category will be awarded.


A production has 20 or more dancers, is 5 to 10 minutes in length and may include a variety of disciplines. Productions are grouped together regardless of age, level or discipline. Extra time will be allowed for production set up & tear down. Please provide details on props, loading requirements, quick changes for scheduling purposes.

Student Choreography

For students 13+ in the COMPETITIVE and ELITE divisions who wish to develop their choreography skills. Choreography must be entirely original. It may be a solo, duo/ trio or group.  Commentary & scoring will be geared to developing choreography skills.  Student Choreography entries will be grouped together into one category.

  • Time limit: 3 Minutes.
  • Limit of one Student Choreography entry per dancer.

Just For Fun

For any entry with adults performing, excluding productions.


  • Props are allowed in any category. Props and sets must be free standing and safe.
  • A $50 charge will be incurred for delays caused by prop set up/ tear down or substances that alter the condition of the stage unless approved by the competition organizers in advance.
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