Registration Guidelines

Age & Level

Age Categories

  • We calculate age of dancers as of January 1st of the competition year.
  • For Duos/Trios and Groups: we calculate the average age and round it to the nearest whole number (i.e., 9.4 = 9 yrs/ 9.5 = 10 yrs).
  • Dancers will be grouped in categories by age as follows:
    6 & Under,  7-8,  9-10,  11-12,  13-14,  15-16,  17-18,  Adult 
  • Very large categories will be split by age.


To provide the most fair competition experience our levels group dancers based on comparable skill level. Teachers are expected to place each individual dancer in the most appropriate level according to the guidelines below:

Level Skill Level
RISING STAR For young or recreational dancers who take 1-2 classes/ week OR have no competition experience before this year.
PRE-COMPETITIVE For dancers with around 2-3 years of training (including the current one) and limited competition or performance experience who train no more than 6 hours/ week.
COMPETITIVE For dancers who have a few years of performing and/ or previous competition experience.
ELITE NEW For dancers 13 years and older who:
– Train 10-12 hrs/ week OR are part of a select elite level competitive team
– Are enrolled in a half day dance training program or train with a professional company
– receive monetary compensation for performance, instruction or choreography
JUST FOR FUN For adult acts, teacher acts or other routines that are just for fun.

Not sure which level? Call us anytime @ 604-722-8987.

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